Mountain House- Pro-Pak/ Chicken Teriyaki with Rice

Mountain House Chicken Teriyaki with Rice — Pro-Pak

Try our Asian inspired Mountain House Chicken Pro-Pak. Full of diced chicken, white rice, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, green peas and red and green bell peppers in a delicious Oriental sauce. So, what makes the Pro-Pak packaging different?

For compact storage, the Mountain House Chicken Pro-Pak food is VACUUM SEALED TIGHT. They are made to expand when hiking or camping in higher elevations and takes up less space in your backpack or storage space. Plus it features a convenient stand-up zipper foul pouch for easy reconstruction and eating.


Additional Information:
One Serving
450 calories per serving
5-10 minute preparation time
No cooking needed — just add water! 

30-year shelf-life!


Mountain House Meals are Perfect for:

Emergency Preparedness
Occasional Everyday Use